How To Impeach Trump…


How To Impeach Trump…

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This is a time to come together and raise our voices. If you don’t know how to be heard, consult this great guide on making your Trump resistance effective. Trump’s absurd tweets are in fact likely to lead to him doing actions that could lead to an actual impeachment if he should choose to follow through with them.

The real-estate mogul has continued to attack journalists, the musical Hamilton, and a piece of satire about him on Saturday Night Live. So, what do they all have in common? For starters, there is a clear pattern of anti-First Amendment behavior being established by the president-elect. If Trump decides to act on his stated feelings about free speech, he will violate his oath of office. Furthermore, there is a school of Constitutional thought that claims that such a violation would be result in an impeachment offense.

“The fourth view is that an indictable crime is not required, but that the impeachable act or acts done by the President must in some way relate to his official duties. The bad act may or may not be a crime but it would be more serious than simply “maladministration.” This view is buttresses in part by an analysis of the entire phrase “high crimes or misdemeanors” which seems to be a term of art speaking to a political connection for the bad act or acts. In order to impeach it would not be necessary for the act to be a crime, but not all crimes would be impeachable offenses.”

This is not the time to be quiet. It is instead a time to unite and fight back, as this viral article states very well.

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